сс Jaws painting tutorial

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It’s time to another after effects tutorial, guys. In this tutorial i teach you how you can paint objects with really interesting effect cc Jaws. When i saw this effect at first time i thought that it is rather usual and not interesting effect. But when i used my imagination, I came up with painting idea. Here i attached two screenshots with main compositions in my project.

Composition 1:

cc jaws tutorial

Composition 2:

cc jaws after effects


I did a tutorial very detailed and easy. I think every beginner can try to make this scene or something similar.

Tutorial you can see here:


Also if you want to get my project files then just download it: CC Jaws painting


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  1. Thanks for this amazing tutorial vedio.
    Could you please send me sound of
    ” Jaws painting tutorial”
    For other tutorial vedio add the sound effect

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