After Effects text tutorial: King Arthur

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King Arthur text tutorialDid you watch the trailer of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword by Guy Ritchie? If no, I recommend it for you. I love Ritchie’s works. His films have amazing editing style and shooting, plot, dialogues, soundtrack, all is awesome. I’m really waiting for King Arthur and I expect crazy mix of money deals and fantasy world.

Also I like titles in this trailer. I tried to make such titles in After Effects and today I prepared for you After Effects tutorial with template and all materials.

By the way, I have another text tutorial for Deadpool, check it out if you are interested.

You can make such text in After Effects without any problems but it looks really epic. It is pretty easy and cool. So I used 4 textures, Trapcode Particular and text, add some fantasy here and you easily get nice intro like I did in preview before tutorial)

After Effects template for tutorial: King Arthur text tutorial

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  1. Wonderful, thank you. This will take a bit of study, but we’ll worth it.

    What is your soundtrack? Even my wife who sat nearby loved it…..

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