After Effects tutorial Knitting animation

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Hi everyone. I often take inspiration and ideas for tutorials from outward things. This tutorial is not exception. Today we will make knitting animation in After Effects.after effects tutorials

I would like to tell you a little story about my socks. Last month I found my winter knitted socks. They were ripped and moth-eaten. I told it to my grandmother because all my life she was my personal supplier of knitted socks. She said that she will knit another pair. And at the last weekend my grandmother gave me new knitted socks with different patterns. So, I’m writing this post right now in my new socks. I think It looks very cute.

After that I had an idea of knitting animation in After Effects. First I decided to search such tutorials on YouTube but I didn’t find anything. At that moment I was sure that my next tutorial will be about knitting animation. Here it is.

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The template for this tutorial you can download here: Knitting animation

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