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Hi guys. One of my previus tutorials was about slice effect in After Effects. Today I want to present my own animation pack with different slices. It is absolutely free. I tried to make all animations more various and interesting. So check out the preview:

This animation pack you can download right here: Slice Animation pack

Now I want to explain some moments. I think it helps you when you will work with this pack.

You can see that for every Slice I did different variations. The main idea here is that I take only one slice and then I duplicate it, change scale, rotation, position. Let’s see. Here I take a single green Slice:

slice animation pack


And let’s see on the second image where I added some duplicates, changed position and scale:

Animation pack


So we have another new slice in the result.

Another moment – how to change color. I advice you to use Tint effect. It is really easy to control. Let’s see another example:

effects pack


We have purple electric slice. So let’s add Tint effect:

fx pack


Color was changed to gray. Now you can choose the color you want. I chose green:

animations pack


I think that’s all. Hope you like this animation pack. Write me here if you have some questions.


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  1. great

  2. Hi, this is really cool. i was just wondering if i need to credit you in my film(s) if i use these animation effect and are these royalty free. Also can i use these animation slice pack for commercial use and for personal use. Thank you.

    • It’s absolutely free. I will be very glad if you would credit me in your films, btw can I see your works, films?

  3. you sir are awesome! thanks so much

  4. Daniel Callaghan

    The Link Doesn’t Work
    Just says starting and that’s it

  5. Hi, this is actually really cool . i am a league of legends editor and i need this pack 😀 i can credit you if you want to so you can tell me maybe if i need to or not , keep up the good work

  6. and i have 1 more question , i installed the pack but i dont have the sound of the slices can you tell me what i can do ?

  7. I need help.. I can not open these files in AE or other adobe programs… nice work though ^^

  8. Thank you!

  9. It says the files are corrupted

  10. The Files are corrupted
    When i want to open it or import it
    I can’t because they are corrupted :/
    Could you fix it plz :/

  11. Thanks for sharing! Those effects are really good! 🙂

  12. Nice 🙂 thanks

  13. To Easy After Effect,
    I like your Slice Animation video that i saw in Youtube
    So I was trying to download your ‘Slice Animation pack’ from above but it seem like your Slice Animation pack isn’t working.

    Is there any way to get your Slice Animation pack?

    • I’m sorry don’t worry Easy After Effect, your Slice Animation pack download is working now

  14. What’s the license for these? CC0?

  15. alberto

    you are fantastic thnks for all

  16. This is super awesome. We’re doing a sitcom pilot series called Geoff and the Ninja and you just saved me a bunch of tedious work haha, will definitely give you a shout out in the credits.

  17. how do i install this?

    • You shoundn’t install it. It is just a pack with projects. You can open them in After Effects and use.

  18. for me there are only some .mov files in the folder, no project files for after effects. could that be?

    • Yes, it’s just mini-pack with animation with alpha channel and without projects

  19. thank you nice guy !

  20. Just wanted to share my appreciation for this wonderful pack, I almost never submit a comment but your pack was so useful to me I think you deserve the Gratitude. I’m gonna use it in my future youtube videos so much appreciation.
    you can find my channel on youtube: “Karin Koala”

  21. thank you very much
    this is greaatt

  22. I’m using After Effects cc 2015 and it says that the files are either damaged or the format (.mov) is not supported. I really like this animation pack and would really like to use it when developing new videos.
    Awesome work.

    • I checked, files are normal. I think you have problems with mov format on your system, maybe the decision for would be installation of Quicktime, it often needs for Mov codec.

  23. jos martinez

    Muchas gracias estan muy bonitos FELICIDADES y gracias por compartir desde MEXICO un fuerte abrazo
    DIOS te te bendiga

  24. hi! can I modify it and use for my works?
    thank you it really helps me a lot!

  25. Is this PC only?

  26. wesly juerakhan

    is this compatible with CS6?

    • Yes there are animations with trasparent bg you can use it in each program you want

  27. illucify

    can you please help me because there is just the sounds and no animation in the pack

  28. Thanks for the file

  29. can you include the sound effects? 🙁 huhu and email it to me?

  30. my email is Looking forward.

  31. Hi friend 🙂

    just the sounds and no animation in the pack 🙁

  32. Vishwa Dewan

    Thank you,

  33. pretty cool pack but when I add this to premiere pro I don’t hear the audio effects. am i doing something wrong?

    • No, as I remember I didn’t include audio, because I don’t have rights to distribute it for free

  34. theres no sounds bro

  35. bro how can i download

  36. Hello! Are all the files supposed to be .mov? I thought these were templates that I could maybe edit to my liking.

  37. Tamer Amin Sidky

    is it an open source pack can i use it on my channel on youtube or i will get strike ?!

    • I’m the author of this pack and yes it’s completely open pack. You can use it

  38. I’m having trouble adding this file to after affects, I dont think it works for macbook pro

    • These files are rendered in Mov format with QuickTime codec. So maybe problem is you just don’t have this codec. Otherwise try to use some converter maybe

  39. Could I please know where you got the sound effects from sick pack btw

  40. Just a quick warning: you can’t see in photos and movies, only in Windows Media Player, right?

  41. Do you still have this?

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