Anime lightning in After Effects

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Hey guys. Earlier I did a tutorial about intro from Pokemon anime. Today we will talk about anime again and I would like to represent you my technique of making an anime lightning in After Effects.

lightning in After EffectsI will be honest, I am not a big anime fan but some these cartoons look stylish and very exciting, for example for me it is Hellsing. But the main reason why I respect anime is graphic effects, you know these different splashes, slices, lightnings, explosions and many many others, all of them are great and it seems cool.anime effects Of course I know that such effects didn’t create in After Effects. If we choose between Adobe programs then the most logical choice would be Adobe Flash. But I’m sure that it is possible to reach really good result in After Effects and today I’ll show you how. Here is my After Effects tutorial of lightning animation:

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Templates for this tutorial: anime lightning tutorial

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