Apple animation After Effects tutorial

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apple animation after effects

Hey guys, today we will make an Apple animation, to be precise some part of it. In 2013 Apple designed a really cool minimalistic animation “Intention”. You can easily find it in YouTube. They made some effects which interested me, especially their effects with dots and lines at the first part of the video. I decided to create this animation in After Effects and I successfully made it. So check out my After Effects tutorial about Apple animation.

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In this tutorial I created three different shapes: square, hexagon, circle. Of course I just showed how it works and you can make triangles, stars, rectangles and any objects with different animations of lines and dots. Here I prepared some additional examples which I did using the same technique.

aplle intention


apple animation


Apple lines

Only one thing I want to notice here. I work in After Effects CC 2015 and in this version I can convert all shapes(rectangles, stars, hexagons, circles etc.) to bezier paths. After that we can copy the path and paste it to position of another layer. But if you work in CS6 for example, you can not convert shapes. So here you have two choices. First – you should not use shapes primitives, use only pen tool and draw all figures you need manually. And the second – just install one of the recent versions, from cc 2014 and next.

After Effects template for apple animation: Apple animation tutorial

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