Captain America shield in After Effects

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Hi there. I’m from Russia and I never didn’t understand why captain America is a one of the coolest superheros, why he is a leader? Ironman is a genius, rich and more powerful. I understand that he is a patriot, yes it is important and he has a shield but I think that it is not enough to be a leader. Ok, it’s just my thoughts, now tutorial)

When I watched films with captain America I noticed that his shield looks like some flat design logo. It is trend now. I often see animation with similar logos and objects.

captain america shield

These colors, circles and star in the center, all this is very similar to the flat design. So initially I wanted to make some flat animation with this shield. But then I decided that I should to create more realistic animation in After Effects. So check it.

In this after effects tutorial I used an American flag footage for background. Also i used a grunge texture to make a shield more dirty and shabby. You can find this materials and project files below the post. Here i also worked with cameras. If you watch this tutorial you can see that it consists of 3 parts with one shield and with different foreshortening. I tried to do this animation rather simple and patriotic)

Download materials and project files here: Captain America project files

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