Confetti in After Effects

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Confetti in after effects

A couple of weeks ago I watched Google’s 20th Birthday video and in the end of the video I found this confetti animation(watch it if you didn’t see before). It looks pretty nice and cute. Animation consits of shapes and some layers of particles. Hope you will enjoy.

Download free After Effects template: Google Confetti tutorial

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  1. thanks!

  2. Can I use templates for commercial purposes?

  3. SwallowBudug

    Thank you so much

  4. Ty so much!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing for free! You’re awesome!

  6. Hey. Thanks for sharing this. Do you have any idea why cant I see the particles?

    • I used third party plugin for particles – Trapcode Particular, maybe you just don’t have it. You can try to find it in google.

  7. hello, I tried to open your file but it said that your version is old and my new verstion of after can’t open it 🙁
    do you have by any chance a newer version of your file?

    • Ah I think no but it’s strange, usually I opened any previous version in After Effects. Usually it doesn’t work in opposite way when you try to open project of new AE version in old one.

  8. Hey there, thanks a lot for the file!

    Unfortunately in my newest version, the particle effects got damaged and the particles don’t “fly in” anymore. Is there any fix for it?

    Thanks in advance!

  9. nice

  10. can’t find rg trapcode anywhere 🙁

    • You can buy this plugin in official store from Red Giant, or not sure but I think you can find it online(torrents or something) for free

  11. Thank u so much

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