Create pornhub intro in After Effects

create intro in After Effects

Hello, I just need to say that it’s just a tutorial about animation and nothing more) I think most of people saw this intro earlier at least once. I do not promote anything, but I just want to show how you can recreate Pornhub intro in After Effects. Thanks for this idea to my subscriber.

Free After Effects template: Create pornhub intro in After Effects

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  1. Link for template isn’t working?

  2. MarkinNola

    Well. At least we all know you don’t spend ALL your time writing tuts. 😉 Showing some 🎺 from New Orleans.

  3. i dont understand how to even use after effects

  4. Tri Wahyu

    No content ? Laptop Screen bug ?

  5. I can’t open the template with Adobe AE CS6

  6. how do you get audio

  7. The file is just 64bit? I used 32bit, please down the version

  8. link isnt working

  9. How do I change the text in after effects


  11. Greg Marchedia

    yeah how do we change the text?

    • You can’t simply change it, you need to recreate text part from the beginning

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