Electric animation After Effects tutorial

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Hi guys. This After Effects tutorial is about electric animation. it looks like an anime electricity so the result is very beatiful and you can use it for various purposes. For example for appearance and disappearanceĀ animation or for some transitions. It is really cool stuff.

I did this tutorial because I wanted to show that everybody can make electric animation in After Effects easily.

Now i tell a bit about this effect. For animation i used shape layers, just animated strokes here with trim path.

Also you should use here two effects: turbulence displace and glow. It is necessary. Turbulence displace works with our shapes and make them branched and winding. The second effect is glow. Just add this effect on all electric layers and watch the results.

Eletric animation

If you didn’t use this effect, your animation would be not bad but it can looks like something else but not a electricity.

Project files here: Electric animation project files

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  2. At 3:42 after you dupe the layer what keybind do you use to bring them properties up?

  3. Oh dude! Thanx for your great job!

  4. Sir can you please please please upload a cs4 compatible one …

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    Thank you for the easy download, and nice work this is actually pretty easy to follow.

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