Google animation tutorial

Hi my little hunters for templates and my After Effects tutorials) I think you didn’t forget yet my tutorials for Adidas logo animation or Windows animation but today I want to show you a really exciting tutorial. It is Google animation tutorial. Last month I’ve seen Google animation at the first time. It was love at first sight. I immediately understood that I’ll do a tutorial. So check it.

I watched this google animation again and again. I tried to find more easy way to replicate this animation. Because who loves 1-2 hours tutorials? I think nobody) Everyone wants to learn something fast and easy. So I tried to make a qualitative tutorial but not long. I think I did it partly.

You can see that in my video the preview is a little different from the final result. It happened because when i recorded tutorial i just hadn’t a lot of time for correction all errors and inaccuracies. But when I was doing a preview of course i had a lot of time for animation. First of all I should show you a creating process of something in After Effects. And if you understood then you can finish the result as you like.

Another moment I want to explain here. Why i did a G shape layer? Why i didn’t use a mask path on letter G and didn’t use a Stroke effect then? Let’s see.

Ok let’s take Google logo, draw the mask and add stroke effect. Now we need to animate mask path. And that’s what we have:

google animation tutorial

You can see that end of our path is semicircular and we can’t correct it. And now let’s see a google logo to compare:google logo animation

That is why i did new shape layer, because in that case we have a straight line in the end of shape path. That’s it. Hope you like my Google animation tutorial in After Effects.

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After Effects templates: google animation tutorial after effects

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    where the download link?

  2. Shubhamoy Paul

    Hey I want to create this animation with my logo can you help me?

  3. Can you do this type of work?

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