Lightspeed effect in after effects

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I think that everyone know such films like a Star Wars, Interstellar, Star Trek and many others. Do you remember how the spaceships use their powerful engines for quantum leap and fly through the stars? I’m sure that you remember but just in case i show you some pictures with this effect.lightspeed tutorial

Yes it is lightspeed. Exactly this effect is a main object of my after effects tutorial. But only this effect without some space objects looks rather boring. That’s why i added to my tutorial creating a planet and cabin of spaceship. Here you can watch tutorial preview:

I think it looks pretty nice. Oh i forgot about few moments. In this tutorial i used two additional plugins, Trapcode particular and Optical flares from videocopilot. If you want to download my after effects project you should install these plugins. Watch my tutorial, full templates are below the post.

Also check out my another tutorial where I used trapcode particular – snow after effects tutorial

After effects templates: lightspeed tutorial

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