Liquid animation tutorial

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Hi guys, it’s my second After Effects tutorial. Today we’ll make a liquid animation.In this tutorial i used Nike logo as example. But you can find any image and make your own animation. The main effect I used is Turbulance Displace. I attached a link with project files below the post where you can change all settings as you want. Hope you like this tutorial.

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Liquid animation with Nike logo: Liquid animation

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  1. Hey brother, I really like your nike liquid animation. I was wondering if maybe you can make me one for my logo? i’d happily give you two shoutouts on Instagram, I have accounts with 32k/18k followers!

  2. Hi, i was wondering if there was anyway you can make something like this with my logo as well?

    • Of course I can help you but not for the nothing because it is my work) For money or smth else. What you can offer me?

  3. Can you make an intro for me? Preferably like the intros on Marques Brownlee’s youtube videos without the MKBHD logo, just my name: Adit Dayal. I will shout you out on my next video. I have about 1,600 subscribers. Thanks!

  4. could I make a .png file of my name in photoshop and put in after effects and do this to it and then make an intro with it?

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