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Today I would like to write about Mafia 3 logo.

At last saturday before I fell asleep I had played in Mafia 3. And while I was waiting for game loading I noticed interesting animation in top right corner of monitor. It was animation of loading.
mafia 3 loading animation

I decided to repeat this animation in After Effects. So today I’ll write about it.

I want to tell some words about Mafia. I think that first part(Yes, I’m old man) was very interesting and as for me it is one of the best games. All mission were different, some of them were really hard. I love this game. Second part – good game and… and nothing, just good, quality game. New part is more boring. All missions are very similar, but I love atmosphere. And did you hear this cool music in cars? I feel The atmosphere of those years very well.

Ooh! While I remembered about my childhood I forget about tutorial. It’s here.

I think you see that for creating Mafia 3 logo I used only shape layers in After Effects. It is more faster way to create this animation. No usual layers, no masks and effects, just shapes and their animators. In Mafia this animation repeats cyclically, so you should make one cycle of animation and then repeat it. I showed it in last part of tutorial. Also you can use expressions for repeating, if you know how)

Hope you like it. If you want to see more tutorials about loading animations from other games write about it in comments. After Effects templates you can download below.

Mr. Salieri sends his regards: Mafia 3 loading

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