Neon text in After Effects

neon text after effects tutorial

Hello! I often find different tutorials about Glow text or Neon text in YouTube. But practically all of them advise you to type some text and add Glow effect. And that’s all – you have a really cool neon text! No.

I decided to make this tutorial for my subscribers because I just want to show that even trivial things you can improve, make them interesting. So here is my After Effects tutorial about Neon text:

I added some mounts, wires and shadow to my neon text and made it more realistic. Also I made some easy animation with wires.

I know that this tutorial is not ideal, I absolutely sure that this composition could be better, and I personally know how it can be improved. But in this tutorial I just want to give you the idea. And idea is “Go to hell with the rules and standarts. And don’t forget about your imagination when you work in After Effects”.

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After Effects template: Neon text tutorial

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  1. Cool

  2. Is there anyway to write out the step by step instruction? Videos goes a little fast for beginners with no voice behind the tutorial. Thanks

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