Paper animation in After Effects

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paper animation after effectsLast week I watched the 20th season of South Park. As for me it is one of the best animated cartoons I’ve ever seen and I think it is absolute leader in parody. I recalled that first series were made with paper, even in old intro you can see these frames.paper animation in after effects

Of course here authors used Character animation and I didn’t make something like that in tutorial but it was my inspiration. The final result of my After Effects tutorial seems like an applique which was made by children. But I think it looks unusual and cute at least. So check out my After Effects tutorial about paper animation.

Also this type of animation can be useful in different cases. And the main positive moment that I see here is really easy animation of any objects. I mean initially we have all objects on the paper and they are static. We should just cut them from paper, for example look on animation of my car in tutorial. In usual “traditional” type of animation we should animate wheels, shadows, position etc. But here we have really simple animation of static objects. And this is exactly that case when simplicity looks good.

Also check out my after effects tutorial about painting with CC Jaws

After Effects template: Paper animation tutorial

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