Pokemon After Effects tutorial

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Hi there, today i prepared a really exciting tutorial. Do you remember anime Pokemon? It is one of the greatest anime. One time in my early childhood i saw this cartoon. it was very cool time for me, no worries, no problems, no girls, no problems with girls and what now? I’m sitting in my room and making this after effects tutorial for you)) Of course it’s joke and i love my work but i really miss that time.

If you sometime watched anime Pokemon you must remember the video saver “Who’s that Pokemon?” It was some interactive with audience and everybody tried to guess a pokemon. Today i’ll teach you how you can make something really similar in After Effects using shapes for animation of flash and fractal noise for background. Watch my after effects tutorial and comment what do you think about my attempt to recreate “Who’s that Pokemon?”

Some my subscribers asked me why i chose Sandshrew, why not Pikachu or Charmander or other popular pokemons? First of all i think that Sandshrew is very cute, but the main reason for me is his voice. I think that he shouts very funny.
Sandshrew pokemon

All project files you can download here: Pokemon tutorial

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  1. Hey, what program you using? đŸ™‚

  2. Jonathan Martinez

    all included except the font, this is as close as I could find


  3. Hey can you repost the materials you used to make this the google drive for them is down. Maybe post them to Mega.nz or something?

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