Scribble animation After Effects Tutorial

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Today i prepared for you new after effects tutorial with interesting cartoon effect. It is scribble animation. Use this effect for creating stylish and atmospheric images or animations.

Tutorial here:

Some month ago i watched a TV and i saw a unusual cartoon. It was made with really interesting and a bit twitching animation. I liked the cartoon, and I decided to replicate this effect in After Effects. It turned out that it is quite easy. I used only one effect in after effects – Scribble. Change settings and get more cool and very different results. You can play with masks, add noise or something else.
Here i show you two pictures with Kremlin with alpha channel. The firstĀ is before the scribble effect and the second – after:
scribble animation

scribble animation

I think it’s very interesting animation for cartoons and personally, I like it a lot.

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You can download my project files as always, below the post.
Scribble animation project files

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