Stroke Effect in After Effects

Hi guys, this After Effects tutorial is one of the best that i made. I think so at least. One of my subscribers wrote me on Facebook. He sad that he found the video with very interesting animation. When i saw it i was absolutely agree with him. In video i saw different objects but only with animated strokes, without any fill. It looks very neat and stylish, these lines can be used to emphasize some minor details.

Looks very interesting in general, watch my after effects tutorial and see what i did with this effect.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, all of these animations i did with shape layers with Trim Path and Stroke. It is really easy and powerful instruments. Use their.

After Effects tutorial templates: Stroke Effect tutorial

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  1. Stroke Effect in After Effects template is not downloading

  2. The Template working prefectly….. But i juz got one doubt… First i did Auto-Track on the PNG image. I create new Shape Layer … after tat i copy the mask then draw the path paste into it…. The path become like e mask… so i turn off the png image layer … I can see the path… Then i test adjust the stroke width… It’s like no any changes when i do tat….. Any solution for tis ?

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