Windows loading After Effects tutorial

Today i tell you about Bill Gates product) It’s windows… windows loading animationI use windows now and i want to say that it is nice operating system for me. When i was eleven my father bought me my first computer with windows. I remember that it was a 98 version. You know, it is awkward interface with rectangular buttons and windows. So it is rather creepy for today. But nowadays windows has nice interface i think. Ok let’s talk about animation)


windows loading animation


One day i launched my computer and i saw this easy but beautiful circular animation. I immediately realized that i must create an After Effects tutorial with this animation. See my tutorial:


The main secret in such animations is graphs. You must use easy ease keyframes and change graphs for really good result. First i did a one shape layer – ellipse. Then i created a cycle trajectory for it and of course i used graphs. Then i created 4 duplicates for my first ellipse and i moved layers a bit. So animation is done.

Windows Logo

Also i did a windows logo. In my after effects tutorial i shown how you can make it very easy and fast.

Download project files here: Windows loading animation

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